Hey Gorgeous, I'm Silvia!

Specializing in grey coverage, blondes and brunettes.

Silvia is an expert boy mom, with 4 boys she and her husband are constantly juggling work and home balance...

She can give you amazing styling tips as a working mama who wants to look good in just a few minutes!


"My favorite thing about being a hair stylist is the opportunity to make my clients learn to love their hair. Hair doesn't have to feel like a chore... it can be easy!

If you sit in my chair, plan to find a new-found love for styling your hair even if your mornings sometimes feel like pure chaos. I make gorgeous hair easy and achievable."

I'm a 2nd generation hair stylist, I got my cosmetology license in 2007 in Los Angeles, CA, so you can say that I became a hair stylist by chance but I stayed by choice. 

When I'm not at the salon doing what I love, I'm snuggled up with the loves of my life, my husband and four boys... or finding new paths to hike with my family.

As a brunette myself, I found that it was hard to find stylists who know what it takes to create dimensional, radiant brunette locks. While I love balayage and am a self-professed highlighting master, brunettes and grey coverage are really my sweet spot and I'd love the opportunity to discuss taking your gorgeous locks to the next level.