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Style 10 Events

Come join us as we Party together and learn some tricks and tips we have learned along the way of being professional hair stylists.

We will have drinks, music, and lots of fun!

All events are held inside the salon from 8:00 -10:00 PM

Women with Sparklers


January 14, 2022
8:00-10:00 PM

New Year, New style Be You!

How to extend the life of your blowout so you can save time and look good longer!

There will be 1 on 1 time with a stylist. Bring your own blowdryer and brush so we can teach you how to use it. Must be 21.


10 person limit



January 21, 2022
8:00-10:00 PM

New Year, Improve your style man!

This event is for guys ONLY (your SO can come with too).

You will learn how to style your hair with a blow drier in the least amount of time.

A brand new blowdryer is included with the price of ticket, NO it's not pink... 

Gotta be 21 man.

$50/person (Blow drier included)

10 person limit