Hey Sweetie, I'm Alma!

Specializing in women's haircuts, color and men's haircuts.

Alma is an expert in all things plants and yards. 

She can give you an amazing tour around Utah and all its outdoors adventures.

She is passionate about fishing and can't wait for summer to come over again and again.


"My favorite thing about being a hair stylist is the opportunity to connect with my clients. Hair is my passion and I believe that hair connects people, you and I can talk about trends, struggles and tips without knowing each other, and from there, a relationship can be built.

If you sit in my chair, plan to talk, let's talk about life, family, plans and definitely your hair, let me help you solve those pesky pain points".

I'm a stylist since I was 7, I just didn't have the license back then. I knew that hair was my passion and I started building on that since I can remember, so you can say that I became a hair stylist when I was an adult, I say that I was born one.

When I'm not at the salon doing what I love, I'm fishing or exploring the beauty of Utah's nature. I love the outdoors because I can reconnect and find my balance when I'm outside. 

Having short, easy to do every day hair is my choice and my specialty. Let me show you how you too can achieve a haircut that will fit your face, your style and most important, your daily tasks. Let's take your locks to the next level.